Fjorda Kazazi

Fjorda Kazazi


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+10 years
Programming (C#, C++, Python, HTML, PHP, MySQL)

Data Scientist
ML Engineer

3D asset design & animation (Blender, Daz3D)

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Fjorda is a PhD candidate at University College London, (UCL). Her PhD is a combination of Computer Science and Brain Science fields. Her main area of expertise is in Computer Science, Technology and Research fields. Her primary interest is in supervising and programming Web/Mobile/VR & AR applications in C# and Python integrated with data collection for research purposes. She has strong designing skills in 3D asset creation and animation. She also has extensive knowledge in many statistical software including python, R, Matlab, SPSS.

She holds a master’s degree with distinction results in Computer Science at Lancaster University. She was ranked as one of the top best students in her field and represented the university in the brochure. Fjorda has had a software engineer role at the University of Oxford, and she has won the first place in Global Hackathon Challenge organised by the University of Oxford. Her winning application was a VR app combined with Neurofeedback for education to diagnose and train attentional limitations.

During her PhD, she has supervised undergraduate and master students at UCL for their research projects. At UCL she has also worked as a teaching assistant and lab demonstrator in Interaction Design, Human Computer Interaction, programming, and database systems.

In her free time, Fjorda likes to play volleyball, go to the gym, and go for walks in different parks.