Research Project - VR Environments

Task 1 Living Room

In this task users will be in a room and in front of them there will be a television. In tv a news reporter will talk about a specific topic.
Users' task is to focus only on the topic that the tv reporter will talk about.

To understand users ability to focus on the task and their level of attention. This task measured visual and auditory sustained attention.

Groups of participants:
-People with ADHD/ADHD traits

Task Details:
There will be a woman on the left of the user commenting the news and a man on the right of the user eating chips. There will also be sounds from the kitchen like fridge buzz sound, boiling water sound. In front of the user will also be a fireplace with a fireplace sound. In total this task is 2:40 minutes long. After task 1 ends, users will have to complete a short questionnaire for this task.

Q1: How much plastic have we recycled? (Right answer 9%)
Q2: How many marine species have been affected by plastic? (Right answer 700)
Q3: I think I did very well in completing this task.
Q4: I think I didn’t do very well in completing this task.
Q5: The task was interesting and was similar to a scenario that can happen in our day-to-day life.
Q6: I felt present and involved in VR.

Data Collected:
-From the task (username, the amount of times looked the TV screen and for how long, the amount of times looked elsewhere and for how long).
-Eye tracker VR Add on (Pupil Labs)
-EEG VR Add on (Looxid Link)
-From the questionnaire

-Alienware m15 Gaming Laptop
-HTC Vive Pro
-Fovitec 2x 7'6" Light Stand VR Compatible Kit
-Pupil Labs
-Looxid Link

-Unity Asset Store

Programming Languages used:
-Python using Spyder in Anaconda
-Jupyter Notebook